Children are our most prized assets. Their health is often more important to us than our own.. We look to safeguard one of the most vital, necessary parts of a child’s body, the nervous system. How do we do that? By delicately taking care of the protector of the nervous system – the spine.

Did you know that one of the first parts of an embryo to form is the nervous system? The nervous system provides direction for the formation of the vital organs, muscles and skeleton. Without the proper signal from the growing nervous system, nothing would form properly, and normal growth would not occur.

Dr. Coleman is trained to detect spinal abnormalities in even the youngest spines. She can see abnormal posture, feel muscle spasms, and if needed, verify spinal abnormalities with X-rays. These spinal abnormalities can then be corrected, which prevents related dysfunction later in life. ChiroSolutions Center offers kids the treatment and knowledge to make this prevention last.