What is Spinal Subluxation Degeneration?

Subluxation degeneration is a progressive degenerative process involving misplaced spinal joints that have lost their normal range of motion. Biomechanical causes of subluxation degeneration include trauma (even dating back to childhood), poor posture, prolonged sitting and a lack of exercise and we know that poor nutrition (creating an internal acidic environment) and emotional stress can exacerbate the degenerative process.

This slow spinal decay is usually silent so it can take many years before the condition presents itself as pain and dysfunction. Remember that only 18 % of nerves convey pain message to the brain so we never know what the other 82 % of nerves are doing and how much pressure there is on them within the spinal column. The reduced range of motion, scar tissue and nervous system irritation can impair the health and function of other tissues, organs, and systems of your body.

The body reacts to the degenerative process similarly to when a bone gets fractured. It responds by depositing calcium on adjacent joint surfaces and attempts to “splint” them together. If these degenerative areas are left to their devices, without suitable therapy, then bone spurs and irreversible fusion can happen.

An effective form of care for subluxation degeneration is Chiropractic spinal adjustments. These adjustments help return spinal joints to their normal position and motion. Repeated adjusting helps retrain the supporting muscles and ligaments and “reboots” the joint nerve endings which send signals to the brain about the actual motion involving that area of the spine.

Even when a patient presents with advanced degeneration, spinal adjustments can help restore some motion to the affected “arthritic” joints which can slow down the progression of the degeneration.

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