Just as there are normal values in all bodily functions such as: temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, and hormone levels, there are normal curves to the spine. The spine has one ideal position, which minimizes stress on the nervous system, skeletal system and muscular system. This normal position is important in reducing abnormal symptoms, such as pain, as well as improving overall bodily function.

When looking at the spine in the frontal view, the spine should be straight. From the side, the ear should be directly over the shoulder, the shoulder directly over the hip, and the hip directly over the ankle. If these normal structures and postures are not present, stress and strain are placed upon the spine. These stresses and strains lead to breakdown in the tissues, causing dysfunction and eventually pain, and interfering with the normal processes of the nervous system. The restoration of normal structure, as facilitated by your doctor, will lead to normalized function in the body.

Spinal care now, can prevent a number of spine problems later in life. Through a customized treatment plan and lifestyle changes, you can have the freedom from pain you deserve, now and in the future.